Online Launch of Performer Training Reconfigured by Frank Camilleri

Monday 7th September

Athens Time: 10.00- 10.30

Venue: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

The presentation consists of a discussion by the author of the recently
published Performer Training Reconfigured (Bloomsbury 2019, 2020). The
book puts forward the ‘post-psychophysical’ as a more extended form of
psychophysical discourse and practice that emerged and dominated in the
20th century. The ‘post-psychophysical’ updates the concept of an
integrated bodymind in various ways, such as the notion of a performer’s
bodyworld that incorporates technology and the material world. Stemming
from the author’s extensive practice and incorporating a review of
prevailing methods and theories, the presentation focuses on how
material circumstances shape and affect processes of training, devising,
rehearsing and performing.

Frank Camilleri is Associate Professor in Theatre Studies at the
University of Malta where he also leads the School of Performing Arts
interdisciplinary research group P21 (21st Century Studies in
Performance). He is Artistic Director and founder of Icarus Performance
Project which serves as the main platform of his practice research
( Camilleri has performed and delivered
workshops since 1989 and has published various texts on performer
training, theatre as a laboratory, and practice as research. He has
co-edited (with Paul Allain and Stace Lee Bennett-Worth) a special issue
on ‘Digital Training’ for Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (2019)
as well as the audio-visual resource PATAZ: Physical Actor Training – An
Online A-Z (Drama Online 2018). Camilleri is the author of Performer
Training Reconfigured: Post-psychophysical Perspectives for the
Twenty-first Century (Bloomsbury 2019, 2020). He is currently co-editing
(with Maria Kapsali) an issue of Performance Research dedicated to ‘On
Hybridity’ (autumn 2020).