Performance Seagull: noname

Premiere 15th of march, Dečje pozorište Subotica 2020

direction&scenography: Diagonal theatre


Depressed clownery based on’ Jonathan Livingston Seagull ‘ by Richard Bach

This is the story of a person who once realized that she wasn’t living her life and that she cannot continue living like that. The person says, “freeze-frame! I want to understand where I’ve made a mistake,” and plunges into the space of her inner self. And in her heart she meets the parable of the seagull that flew for the sake of flight. This Seagull is our dream of freedom, our meaning. In my performance, a Person goes all the way from despair and disbelief in this dream to understanding that reality is flexible, that our fate is in our hands.

Mise en scene. The first thing we see is a small window in the foreground, in which the main character exists without getting up from the table. This is a space of mechanistic life, the people surrounding the character in everyday life appear in the form of hands. The change of space – a fully open scene with a large paper backdrop – the inner world of the person, the world with a pile of unresolved problems, with a paper ball of questions hanging over her head. The main character doesn’t get up from her office chair during the whole time of the performance, but this interferes with neither the choreography nor the tricks.

The performance will be in tune with both adults and teenagers. 12+